Dicle University

Dicle University founded in1974 is one of the oldest universities in the south eastern region of Turkey.It is located on the banks of beautiful Tigris River, which is called Dicle in Turkish.Apart from its main campus in Diyarbakır, the university has campuses for itsvocational schools in counties such as Ergani, Çermik, Çüngüş, Bismil,and Silvan.


Dicle University with its morethan30,000 students and nearly 4,000 academic and administrative staff is oneof the most prominent governmental institutions in the south eastern region of Turkeydedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developingleaders in many disciplines. Dicle University faculty is engaged with teachingand research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. It offers an excellentstudent experience and a social environment for students who are excited toinvestigate the biggest issues of the 21st century. It is the mission of DicleUniversity to achieve world-class excellence in every area of teaching andresearch. Along with its research and educational activities, the Universityalso serves as a regional health center with its 1,500-bed Research Hospital.