Call for papers


12-13 October 2023

The Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on Economics, Politics and Administration (ISEPA) is honored to invite scientists and researchers to the 6th Symposium, which will be held by Dicle University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on 12-13 October 2023.

The current developments that determine global and national agenda have also determined the main theme of ISEPA ’23, as with the themes of “Pandemic” in ISEPA ’21 and “Migration, Crisis, Security and Digitalization” in ISEPA ’22.

In this context, due to the earthquake disaster that produced large-scale destruction in our country and continued with aftershocks on February 6, 2023, studies on the theme of “disasters with its economic, political and social dimensions” are primarily expected in ISEPA ’23. Even if it is out of the scope of the main theme, the papers suitable for the title of the Symposium will also be accepted for evaluation.

ISEPA ’23, also provides the criteria for Associate Professorship, Academic appointment and encouragement. The studies can be published as an Editorial book chapter that complies with the Academic encouragement criteria and has an ISBN number, provided that they also pass the referee evaluation.

Presentation language is Turkish and English. Online or face-to-face participation can be preferred.

We will be pleasured to host scientists and researchers who will make valuable contributions to the International Symposium on Economics, Politics and Management (ISEPA ’23) by their studies, in Diyarbakır and at our university.