Themes and Topics

In the fourth of the Symposium, which will be held online on 7-8 October 2021 with the theme of “The Economic, Political and Administrative Effects of Covid-19 pandemic”, the authors are expected to present papers that have the contents within the framework of the following headings, along with non-thematic topics.


Economics Politics Administration Management Public Finance Social Work
Monetary Policies Social Movements Local Governments Management Global Public Goods Knowledge, Skills and Value Foundation of Social Work
Political Economy Constitutinal Developments Bureaucracy Strategic Managament Market Failure and Government Failure Central or Local Government of Social Services
international trade Identity Governance Management of Risk Liberalization, Privatization, and De-Regulation Social Policy Practices
International Economics Security Studies Urbanization Organization Theory Positive and Negative Externalities Organization and Institutionalization of Social Services
Development Economics Multi-Culturalism Governmental Reforms Organizational Behaviour Public Goods and Public Bads Voluntariness
Sustainable Development Coud d’etats and 15 July Coup Attempt Administrative Autonomy Human Resources Market-Society Tension and Social Policy Poverty
Regional Economics Civilization Studies Relations Between Central and Local Governments Marketing Fiscal Rules and Constitutional Economics Violence
Economic crisis Ideologies Social Policy International Marketing Shadow Economy and Corruption Child Welfare
Economic Growth Government Systems Social Services e-marketing Fiscal Institutions, Taxation, and Economic Development Elderly
Turkish economy Human Rights and Democracy Healthcare Administration Foreign Trade International Tax Competition and Its Effects on Development Migration
Production Economics Elections and Electional Behaviours e-state Logistics Tax Non-Compliance and Under-Investment in Public Goods Disability
Knowledge Economy Consume and Consuption Society Disaster Management Tourism The Interplay between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy Refugees
Energy Economics New Media and Politics Public Diplomacy Healthcare Entrepreneurship Public-Private Partnership and Development Asylum seeker
Public Economics Regional Policy Public Entrepreneurship Accounting Green Economy and Green Buildings Civil Society Studies
Health Economics Political Parties Trusttee Applications Audiance Renewable Energy Community Studies
farming economy Political Physology Educational Administration Standarts Sustainable Development Disasters
Tourism Economics Political Sociology Theories of Administration Islamic Banking and Finance Regional Development Dynamics Family problems
Behavioral Economics Political Ethics Proxy Wars R & D and Innovation Incentives Women’s Rights
Consumer behavior Civil Society New Management Approach Criminal – Justice System
Capital Markets International Relations Human Service Technologies
Labor Markets International relations Health
Financial Markets Political Ethics Medical Social Work Practices
Islamic Finance The New Government System Local Social Work Knowledge
Sector Analysis Technology addiction
Crypto Coins Urbanization and Urbanization Problems
Banking and Insurance
Women’s Labor
Time Series Analysis
Panel Data Analysis
Applied Econometrics
Macro Econometrics
Micro Econometrics
Spatial Econometrics
Financial Econometrics
Digitalization / e-government applications
Industry 4.0
Sustainable growth
Climate, environment, economy